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jeandelavaletteOur main objective is to cater for any business requirements requested by business entities or individuals interested to invest in Malta  together with our business partners by creating tailor-made but cost-effective services. The services we offer through our client-oriented strategy ensures that possible ventures and business opportunities are tabbed successfully via our own personal trusted business network, which includes legal, corporate and tax consultants.

As an established on-shore financial and corporate business services hub, Malta is an attractive jurisdiction for EU , non-EU companies and also private individuals to operate their business from. The variety of services and business opportunities offered in Malta ensures that your move to Malta is a true possibility. As a networking and marketing consultancy firm we are however also aware of the clients’ need to maximize returns through legitimate and transparent business structures. Thus we also offer consultancy services with international recognized partners within EU and non EU countries, seeking to promote bilateral trade between countries.

MaltaCompanies is your one-stop shop for all your business needs. Email us on info@maltacompanies.com.mt for further information.

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